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You may place your order for the following Free forms and publications by checking those you desire and filling in the requested information:

Note Owner's Manual: A 35 page consumer booklet written to assist owners of Real Estate Notes and property owners who are considering selling their property using Seller Financing. Or you can download this Manual now by clicking here.

Forms For Simultaneous Sale of Notes: These forms are the ones we need filled out by a Buyer when we are buying a newly created Note at closing.

Application for Seller Financing -- Have the Buyer complete this form and return with a copy of the Earnest Money Agreement to Cash Now Financial Corporation by Fax at (907) 274-7630 or by email to Click here to download this form.

Earnest Money Addendum for Sale of Purchase Money Note -- By using this form the enforceablility of the Earnest Money Agreement will be contingent upon us providing the Seller with an acceptable CA$H NOW offer for purchase of the Note at closing. Click here to download this form.

Form for Sale of Existing Note: The fastest way to get a purchase offer on an existing Note is to have the Seller complete and return a form authorizing Cash Now Financial Corporation to obtain copies of the Note documents and payment record from the Escrow Company that collects the payments. After the Seller completes the form return to Cash Now Financial Corporation by Fax at (907) 274-7630 or by email to Click Here to download this form.

Creative Mortgage Talk: This is our monthly newsletter on private financing. Check if you would like a free subscription. If you would like to review or download copies of past editions you can do so by clicking here.

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