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FINANCE EVERY SALE ~ What to do when the Bank says "NO"

We are sorry that the bank said "no". However, that does not mean that the property cannot be sold. Many properties and Buyers simply do not meet today's rigid standards for institutional (bank) financing. But keep in mind that people were selling real estate long before the first bank ever opened its doors!

The way to sell property after the banks says "no" is "Owner Financing" or "Seller Financing". Buyers love Seller Financing. It is quick, convenient, doesn't involve the tedious and intimidating process of bank financing and Buyers prefer dealing with homeowners rather than banks. Realtors who advertise a property with the heading "Seller Will Finance" have learned that the phone rings off the hook. The problem is that Sellers are reluctant to finance the sale of their property for two reasons.

Risk of Foreclosure: Anytime a property is financed, by either a bank or by a Seller, there is always a risk of default by the Buyer and the subsequent problems of foreclosure. Although it is impossible to eliminate the possibility of foreclosure, the risk of it occurring can be reduced by utilizing the Owner Financing Forms that can be obtained from us at no cost.
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Lack of Cash At Sale: The number one reason that Sellers refuse to finance the sale of their property is that the Buyer's down payment is usually insufficient to pay the real estate commission and closing costs and leave enough left for the Sellers to meet their needs. That is where we come into the picture. It is our business to provide the necessary cash at closing. We are very flexible and very creative and can usually provide additional cash at sale.

To see how we can assist you and/or your clients, we have several examples of some of the ways we can provide additional cash at closing for the Seller.

Example No. 1:
A typical sale of a single family residence owned free and clear, or with small existing loan.
Example No. 2:
A typical sale of a single family residence with an attractive assumable loan.
Example No. 3:
A typical land sale.


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