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Since 1994, CA$H NOW Financial Corporation (formerly Nationwide Financial) has become Alaska's leading source of Cash Now for sellers and agents who need to sell a Seller Financed deed of trust or real estate contract to raise cash. Most of our clients have sold their notes to raise cash to buy additional real estate. However, other sellers have sold their notes to raise cash for a wide variety of needs such as medical expenses, education expenses, to start a business, to take a vacation and to payoff high interest short terms debts. We are also a source of "hard to finance" commercial transactions and land developments that banks won't finance.

We buy notes anywhere in the United States. Although most of our business is done in Alaska, we are able to buy notes secured by real estate anywhere in the United States.

We buy notes secured by all types of properties: We buy notes secured by residential properties, commercial properties, mobile homes, and vacant land.

We are very flexible: In addition to buying notes secured by first deeds of trust against property, we also buy notes secured by second deeds of trust, and for residential properties only, will occasionally buy notes secured by a third deed of trust. Although the most common note that we buy is secured by a deed of trust, we also buy real estate contracts.

We buy other forms of cash flow: In addition to buying notes secured by real estate, we can also pay Cash Now for the following types of deferred payments:
• Notes secured by business assets, even if no real estate is involved.
• Notes secured by mobile homes located in mobile home courts.
• Structured Settlement Annuities to accident victims.
• Lottery winnings paid in installments.
• Inheritances tied up in probate.

Alternate Down Payments: We have helped many buyers who did not have a cash down payment become buyers by paying them Cash Now for their real estate notes, or other of the above listed cash flows. We are creative and will help you structure a purchase transaction!

FREE WEBINAR: To see a webinar that fully explains the process of selling a real estate Note for CA$H NOW, CLICK HERE.


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